Željko Ćurić


In 1993, Željko Ćurić, MD., psychiatrist, psychotherapist and communicologist, moved from Dubrovnik to Ljubljana where he established O.K. Consulting company together with Nikolai Mejaš, BA. Together with a team of experts they take care of the development and training of managers, athletes and all those for whom communication is an important tool in business. Occasionally he participates in education and training of the Police Special Force as a negotiator in hostage situations.

Željko has been happily married to his wife Emilija for 33 years and is the father and best friend of 31 year old Andrea.

Teddy Bear, Turtle, Owl, Shark or Fox?

There are a lot of myths and false beliefs about conflicts, as people use a lot of energy when they find themselves in situations they perceive to be a conflict. A conflict situation has a clear definition, managing strategies, execution tactics and final solutions. Let’s clear up the reality together.