Simon Bratina

Simon began his career in the field of software localisation in 1993, when he devoted much of his time to the technical aspects of the first localisation of Microsoft Word 6.0 while working for the Atlantis Group. After the founding of Iolar, he continued with project management and engineering work, while also focusing on increasing the use of advanced language technologies in translation processes at the new company. In 1999, he was named a board member and he took on some responsibilities for certain sales and key client accounts. In 2003, he began serving as the Manager of Operations. Thanks to his expertise and knowledge of technology as well as excellent co-workers, he currently acts as the Technical Manager searching for and developing process improvements and efficiency increases and is advising Iolar’s clients on their implementation.

CAT workflow in large organizations
This presentation is a result of several years of experience in working as a member of large translation organization or helping our clients improve efficiencies of their translations teams.
We will focus on challenges translation teams or groups in large organizations face every day when they are working on translation assignments. We will give you the chance to see the up-to-date “server” technology and explain how it can be used to facilitate the translation workflow in your organizations.

What can you expect from this presentation?
– You will be able to see server technology appropriate for translation teams of 9+ translators and we will tell you which part of it could be useful for your team.
– Why is it so important that you use appropriate process and why technology cannot fix the errors in the process?
– Which components do I need in which scenario and why?
– Why even new versions of CAT tools are not going to replace good translators/reviewers?
– How to further improve the efficiencies with the use of additional or custom development?