Richard Brooks


Richard Brooks is the owner and CEO of UK based Language Service Provider K International Ltd. He holds an MBA from Cranfield University and has completed and contributed to numerous educational programmes in Europe, USA and Asia. His academic interests lie around entrepreneurism and international leadership development. He is an experienced professional in the translation industry and a popular speaker. His style is open, honest and with a dry sense of humour he keeps his audiences engaged in the topic.

Modelling the Future of Business

The future hasn’t happened yet. Nobody knows what it’ll bring. But as managers you’re asked to develop strategies and make decisions which have profound implications on how your firm will perform in the future.

How do you do this? You need a toolkit, so what tools do we have to have? Does the way industries develop follow a pattern? What’s the future of the localization industry look like? And more importantly, how can you position yourself to gain a sustainable competitive advantage?

In this talk we’ll explore what’s happened before, what we know now and what business trends we’re seeing. Business models get disrupted all the time. Looking outside of our industry we see examples like Airbnb doesn’t own hotels, Uber and Blablacar have no taxis, Facebook doesn’t create content and yet all of these models have come out of nowhere to create billions of dollars worth of value.