Nastja Mulej

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The only licenced De Bono thinking tools trainer in Slovenia
Nastja Mulej is a Master of Communication, Bachelor of Economics and Bachelor of Sociology. Curiosity and a desire to learn have driven her to acquire an exclusive trainer license for more effective constructive thinking (Six Hats), more creative thinking (lateral thinking) and direct teaching of thinking for schoolchildren (CoRT – Cognitive Research Trust) following the principles set out by dr. Edward de Bono. She teaches thinking techniques at workshops organized for companies, schools and individuals, and, if necessary, also moderates meetings for her clients.
She led the department for new ideas at the international agency New Moment. She organized the New Moment Ideas Campus in Piran, an international interdisciplinary gathering with the aim of fostering creativity in all areas of the human spirit, edited journals and books published by New Moment in three languages, organized exhibitions, performances, concerts, meetings and trainings, advised on strategic communication projects for the agency’s clients and was a member of the jury at more than ten international advertising festivals. In addition to transferring her knowledge and experience to younger generations as a lecturer at several colleges, she now writes for various journals and is responsible for media relations at the Slovenian Marketing Association. She has travelled to more than 60 countries, swum with dolphins, skydived, and is now trying to start a positive revolution in her own country, as well as teaching all of this to her two precious children.