Jan Peňás


Jan is a Senior Project Manager, working in Moravia, based in Brno, Czech Republic. He has been with Moravia for over 11 years, started right after completing the Brno University of Technology. He’s been working with many US and Europe based companies, helping them to achieve global success by localizing their SW products, web sites and marketing materials. Besides project management he specializes in agile localization and tools automation.

Obstacles and Solutions, Dealing with Various doc Content in Moravia

Take a look below the surface! What happens in Moravia with the source files before they are assigned to translators. How we analyse the files and what tools are needed to pre-process different formats. How we make translators’ life easier by letting them to concentrate on linguistic tasks only. Importing source files into CAT tools, tuning filter settings to avoid any pieces of code in the string list, and many more are some of the tricks we will show you. The preparation may vary from a simple import into TMS to a complex analysis and pre-process on huge file packages containing several formats with localizable content. We will also briefly speak about automation of localization process – ideally to enable agile workflow and less file management.