Gabriele Sauberer


Gabriele Sauberer, PhD, MBA

is an Austrian entrepreneur and innovator with focus on global issues. She was born in 1967 in Vienna and has an educational background in linguistics and international management.

Gabriele is a pioneer in Diversity Management, Social Responsibility, Innovation and Quality in the Language Industry.

She is passionate about innovating and creating. Together with Austrian Standards, Gabriele founded an international certification platform, today´s world-market leader for quality certificates in the language industry. In 2007, she initiated the first standard on Diversity Management world-wide, the ÖNORM S 2501:2008, followed by a unique certificate for diversity management systems and a „Diversity Managers Driving Licence“ for practitioners.

Gabriele is enthusiastic about learning and sharing knowledge.

Among other things, Gabriele is active as:

  • Founder of the Forum European Diversity Management (FEDM);
  • Director of the International Network for Terminology (TermNet);
  • Managing Partner of the private company TermNet Business GmbH;
  • Co-founder and international partner of the Language Industry Certification System (LICS);
  • Owner of the private company Dr. Sauberer European Business Consultancy;
  • President of the Austrian Society for Documentation and Information (ÖGDI);
  • Vice-President of the European Certification and Qualification Association (ECQA).
Innovate or Die: The Top 10 Must Haves in Terminology & Language Industries

We all know that innovation has become a critical success factor in any kind of business, in particular in saturated markets. We agree that we have to be innovative – even in the booming language and terminology industries.

But HOW to be innovative?
What do we really need?

For years and decades we were talking about ”Ten Good Reasons for … (Translation Quality, Terminology Management, Innovation, etc.)“, addressing rational and economic thinking.

Now I want to look a bit more at the emotional part and share some thought‐provoking ideas about how to really be innovative and ”sell“ language and terminology management by using positive emotions.