Dejan Hribar

Dejan Hribar is working at Iolar, where he has taken on the responsibilities of running the Zagreb office. A linguist and a translator by vocation, his professional route has taken him from freelance translating to Jozef Stefan Institute, and finally, through his passion for work optimization, to Iolar. Under Iolar’s wing, between his duties as Head of Office and Project Manager, he was able to work with different CAT tools and technologies, mostly with SDL products for which he has acquired the SDL Certified Trados Trainer certification.

Trados Studio 2011 – Translation Work Simplified … or More Complicated

SDL Trados is the market-leading translation software and hence usually the first point of contact with CAT technologies for large numbers of translators who are just starting to explore the world of computer-assisted translations, as well as a returning point for those who are already proficient in the use of different CAT tools.

The seminar will provide a basic overview of the most common features of SDL Trados Studio 2011, and will be a good starting point for subsequent in-depth encounters with the tool that any Trados user will surely need during their professional career.

The lecture will cover the basics of CAT technologies and an overview of Trados functionalities:

  • What are the main CAT technologies, how are they used and how do they help us?
  • How to accelerate your translation process in Trados Studio 2011?
  • What are the automated simplification techniques of non-essential procedures that can be used by translators?
  • How far does the compatibility with different file types go?
  • How to efficiently process single files, and what to do when you have a multi-file project that you need to turn-around quickly?
  • Trados Studio – translation work simplified – or more complicated?