Damjan Popič

Translator and teaching assistant at the Department of Translation, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana. Fields of interest include language technology, corpus linguistics, lexicography, and language standardization.

Post-editing: Translator’s Friend or Foe?

 Post-editing has—ever since its introduction—spurred heated debate in the translation industry as well as academia, and this debate pertains not only to organisational and financial aspects but also to various considerations based on principle. The debate most often relates to differing views on the role of the translator in the translation process, as the implementation of post editing may bring about a gradual paradigm shift from the process of computer assisted translation to the process of human-assisted translation. We skirt this issue and focus instead on an objective analysis of post editing in terms of efficiency. Thus, we aim to determine whether or not post editing is more time efficient than regular translation, especially in less structured and predictable texts.