Dion Wiggins


Dion Wiggins is a highly experienced ICT industry visionary, entrepreneur, analyst and consultant. He has an impressive knowledge in the fields of software development, architecture and management, as well as an in-depth understanding of Asian ICT markets. He is an accomplished speaker and has a high media profile for his perceptive analysis of ICT in Asia/Pacific.

Previously Dion was Vice President and Research Director for Gartner based in Hong Kong, where he was the most senior and highly-respected analyst based in all of Asia. Dion’s research reports on ICT in China helped change the way the world views this market.

Dion is also a well-known pioneer of the Asian Internet Industry, being the founder of one of Asia’s first ever ISPs (Asia Online in Hong Kong). In his role at Gartner and in various other consulting positions prior to that, Dion advised literally hundreds of enterprises on their ICT strategy.

Dion was a founder of The ActiveX Factory, where he was recipient of the Chairman’s Commendation Award presented by Microsoft’s Bill Gates for the best showcase of software developed in the Philippines. The US Government has recognized Dion as being in the top 5% of his field worldwide and he is a former holder of a US O1 Extraordinary Ability Visa.

Planning a Roadmap for MT Adoption

As MT use with LSPs continues to grow; most LSPs are only realizing a small portion of the full business benefits and production efficiencies that MT can bring to the business.

This session will describe with case studies how the most effective use of MT technology also requires changes in processes and even overall business strategy to maximize benefits. The session will provide a roadmap and a series of milestones and metrics using the maturity model concept, that will allow LSPs to plan their MT deployments and growth in a series of evolutionary steps. As different maturity milestones are reached, new benefits, efficiencies and opportunities are gained by the business that evolves in its technology deployment practices.

We will walk through some real world examples of what it means to control MT output style, terminology and other factors that reduce editing effort, increase productivity and expand margins. We will also explore the tools and techniques that will deliver the fastest return on investment and plot these on a roadmap that has a measurable performance milestones for the business.