With a focus on improving the day-to-day work of translators, this section deals with methods to increase productivity, improve translation skills and transfer theoretical knowledge into practice. We will analyse how general trends in the translation industry change due to new methods of communication. In addition, special attention will be paid to post-editing, which is spreading as a consequence of MT development.


This section offers an overview of the current technologies used in the industry and gives us an insight into the future within machine translation and related themes. Attendees will have an opportunity to obtain practical knowledge and advanced information through demonstrations of various tools and technologies already deployed in the translation industry. We will also have the opportunity to learn from experts more about what a DIY machine translation system does, how it behaves and how you can make the most of it.


The Terminology section focuses in particular on terminology within the life science branch as well as the challenges faced by translators dealing with such texts. In addition, we host experts from ex-Yugoslavia dealing with terminology questions and issues that industry experts from this part of Europe face every day.